Monday, April 17, 2006


I spent the better part of 3 hours last night scanning, cataloguing, renaming, and arranging seventy-some photos of myself to create a montage similar to the one that Paul Hughes created for his website.

See the original here.

I really had some appreciation for him after that little exercise. I have always been firmly in the "I hate having my picture taken" camp, and it forces you to look objectively at pictures of yourself when you were ugly, haunted, lonely, awkward, or happy about something that you either didn't fully understand or appreciate at the time.

If you look at Paul's montage linked above, you can see the progression not only of biological age, but of the effects that life have painted across his face. In each photo, there is a story about what he was thinking, who or what was on his mind, and even more subtly a shade of naivete grounded in the fact that so much of life was still ahead.

I wonder sometimes if that look doesn't follow us all, for the entirety of our lives.

In any case, it will just take me some time to code the page and I'll put it up later. I was brutally tired this morning for some reason.

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