Friday, April 14, 2006

Reading: The Assassination Business by Richard Belfield
Watching: Nothing, though I am glad Bucky got the boot.
Listening: Counting Crows: "Accidentally In Love"
Working: Catching up on my Silverthought reviews.
Fetus is Craving: Sleep.

There is definately that eerie feeling that someone or something else in our house is making decisions. Beth is experiencing the legendary expectant-mother democritization of her own body. Plans like what's for dinner are now committee decisions, and the little uterus-dweller doesn't always follow Robert's Rules of Order. Even when you expect it to happen, it's still sort of surreal.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and warm, so hopefully I can wash my car and take a little roadtrip. Maybe we'll go downtown and go on a little photo-safari with the new camera. Everyone's out and about with the weather being as nice as it is (low 80's), so there's bound to be some good photos for the taking.

I remembered this site earlier today,, a woman who rides a motorcycle through the empty ghost towns surrounding the site of the Chernobyl disaster. This site is incredible.

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