Friday, September 22, 2006

Things I remember about Evans Mills

All of this interaction with my cousins on MySpace lately has gotten me into a nostalgic frame of mind. I started digging through my old pictures from the year or so before I left the Mills for good, just to reconnect with my last memories from there. I'm going to be taking a trip to NY in about two weeks, and I will hopefully be able to see some of the places and faces from that area while I'm there.

This is a picture of the skyline taken from Route 11 somewhere between Philly and Evans Mills. There was a stretch of road there, not far from my high school, where the clouds would always be visible for miles. I never see anything like this in Chicago. We're on the wrong side of Lake Michigan for cloud patterns like this.

I snapped this picture on one visit or another to Evans Mills. I think it was when Walter came home from Kosovo. Of all the photos I have, this one best conveys the general feel of Evans Mills for me.

This was (I think) the last Christmas I spent at home. Most of the youngest cousins are now teenagers, and the older ones are scattered all over the place. It would have been over winter break from SLU.

For some reason, I always associate Evans Mills with pets, too. I haven't owned any since I left home, and it seems like a lifetime ago. Here's one of Zippy using me as a barcalounger.

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