Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pretty much a snowy version of hell...

So yeah, it took me very nearly TWO HOURS to get home from work tonight. By MapQuest I live exactly 18.1 miles from work, which means I made a rough time of: 9 MILES PER HOUR. This was not helped at all by the drifting, blowing lake-effect snow, or the fact that my entire drive home follows the lake shore itself.

But more importantly, most importantly, and the subject of this rant: Whatever total moron is in charge of snow removal should be charged with criminal negligence. In the two hours it took me to get home, I didn 't see a single plow. Not one. Not on the city streets, not on Lake Shore Drive for God's sake, and certainly not in Evanston. What in the seven hells are these idiots thinking? I did see several automobiles that had swerved off the road, bonking into each other like slow-moving bumper cars minus the bumpers and laughter.

This sort of weather in upstate NY is fairly common, but the difference is that hardly anyone in Chicago drives pickup trucks, and relatively few have four-wheel drive. Plus the fact that there are literally thousands of cars on any given stretch of road at any given time. This sort of weather conditions, with the added lunacy of someone asleep at the snow-removal switch, makes me want to bash my head against a concrete wall.

I know for a fact that there are plows. When it's NOT snowing I'm always stuck behind them on Sheridan road or the outer drive. WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOUR SNOWPLOWS, CHICAGO? Even the most inbred, mildly-retarded, adopted, slopey forehead, sheep-shagging idiot from Jefferson or St. Lawrence county could do a better job than whoever Chicago has in charge. Oswego county got 100 inches of snow in five days, we get maybe 8 and it's like utter paralysis.

And people wonder why northeasterners have a smug attitude. We're intelligent enough to know what snowplows are for, at least...

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