Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Volvos are multiplying

Most of you are familiar with my Volvo S60 turbo by now, because I gush like a retard about how much I love it. Well, our old Sentra was looking like someone needed to take it out and shoot it, so we we finally decided we couldn't wait any longer to trade it in. Behold, Beth's new car, a blue 2003 V70 wagon:

Old and busted: (though to be fair, this little guy DID run for ten years with maintenance-it was just getting mechanically unreliable, wasn't particularly safe, and was highly uncomfortable for me, its primary driver.)

New hotness:

It's hard as hell to find good deals on these because they're very popular, everyone that has one keeps it, and no one can afford them new ($32,000+). When you find them used, they generally look like kids and pets have half-destroyed them. The title to ours was previously in the name of Chase Bank, meaning it was an executive company car lease. We got this one for just about $12,000 after the trade-in. Sweet!

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