Thursday, May 29, 2008

A little man

I'm listening to Harvey Karp's "The Happiest Toddler on the Block" in my car right now and smirking as he talks about toddlers being little Neanderthals. John seems more just like a little person already, with maybe a little bit of uncouth cave-dweller thrown in. His expressions are funnier, his adventures more and more daring, and his photo-ops progressively cuter as time goes on. Here are three of the best recent ones.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Scottie Dog

There's an X-Ray view of the lower back that's taken at an angle of exactly 45 degrees to the plane of the body. You usually only get one try since the midsection is thicker and uses higher settings on the X-Ray machine that you generally don't want to repeat if you can avoid it. In any case, if you get the angle exactly 45 degrees, you can see a distinct pattern that's called "The Scottie Dog".

So, yeah, I'm basically doing a medical form of the "guess what this cloud looks like" game all day. Hah!

For the Random Useless Information about Radiography Channel, I'm Mark Brand.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

John is talking up a storm

Here's a couple of cool videos I've managed to take of him talking recently. In the first one he says "Hi Mommy!" in a little video message to Beth, and in the third one, after making one of his favorite things (a "tower" out of legos), he says clearly "I make a tower!"

Friday, May 16, 2008



Sunday, May 11, 2008

Our mini-vacay to Iowa, Land of Corn

As further proof that you should never underestimate the sheer willpower of young parents to not be stuck indoors watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for yet another weekend, Beth and I decided to take a trip to Iowa last week! Land of Corn! Beth's Alma Mater! Where the Ramada Inn is the nicest digs in town to stay and we couldn't get a table at the adjoined "Old Chicago" bar/pizarria because the locals were having their PROM there. So, without further ado, our trip!

The Road Trip was a good time, with some more frequent breaks because John is getting to the age where simply looking out the window isn't quite enough for him anymore. Running around in the traveler's plaza eatery was good times, including many trips running past a huge poster of Clifford the Big Red Dog. Woof!

Next up: our accommodations! Hey, it's not the Hotel Jerome, but Bettendorf Iowa has something that Aspen lacks. That's right, it's not a mini-bar... it's not a kitchenette... it's...

...a Mini-Fridge!

Beth went to college at the huge Big 10 school the University of Iowa. The U of I Hawkeyes call Iowa City, Iowa home. Here's a picture of the old State Capitol building. It reminded me somewhat of State College, PA, where Penn State is.

We went to check out the campus and mommy's former digs at the alternately gorgeous KKG house which was nicer than our hotel and the shockingly squalid little house that she rented with four dozen other college students her senior year.

The front door of the KKG house.

The entranceway. Again, a really nice building.

John, sensing dangerously high levels of estrogen and sadly not yet tall enough to reach the door handle, attempts to make an escape via doorway window.

The drawing room. Surprisingly girly, though my only frame of reference is SLU, where most all-famale housing were the sorts of places where snide jokes like "here to get your Mrs. degree" would get you ritualistically crucified on the front lawn as a warning to other men.

And then there's the "cool" housing that Beth said all Seniors had to have. The off-campus houses.
Beth lived at one point in the room on the back with the "weird little windows".

Mommy's hand-over-mouth expression says it all, the place hasn't been updated since her stay here almost twenty five years ago. That's not quite accurate, Beth noted that "there used to be a swing on the porch".

Given the condition of the house, another year or two and she'll be saying "there used to be a porch." It would be like the Casa Latina house at SLU if it were nearing the point of outright municipal condemnation. Still, those old college-ey places are never truly fit for human habitation yet we remember them in indelible detail.

Of course, forward thinking individual that I am I neglected to take pictures of the Palmer Chiropractic School that I'm considering applying to there, or the lovely little town of Bettendorf which, though it is referred to as a city, can be driven through in about ten minutes. I can't even get from one side of Evanston to the other in ten minutes.

And finally the Mighty Mississipi as we passed over it. Wait, THAT's the Mighty Mississip? (frown) Sort of a letdown, but I guess there are places where it's huge.

Daddy's little film critic

Even babies can tell that Nathan Fallon can't act.

Friday, May 09, 2008