Saturday, May 29, 2010

Some Site Updates and What the Hell is This?

I'm sure no one has noticed this, but I've been updating the nuts and bolts of this page including a new link at the top of the page in the menu bar with a link to the story of the origins of the name "Vinnie the Vole", which is a web handle I've been using since early college.  Also, I've added some new links to blogs I love on the right hand side of the crawl, including some great ones run by friends of mine.  I had to recategorize a few of them and push them beneath the player so that people can still switch the music easily.  Just the same I highly encourage you to check them out, there's some great ones.

Googling "Vinnie the Vole" is always good for some laughs, but I haven't done it in probably a year and when I Googled it today, one of the first hits was for an absolutely hilarious Java-based web-game called "Vinnie Vole's Existential Nightmare."  Click on it, scratch your head wondering what exactly it all means, and then have the joke hit you about two minutes later.  No idea who the creator of this is or why they'd use that particular name, but it's pretty funny (link below):

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