Sunday, June 27, 2010


Dear Internet,

Please excuse the interruption in my promised weekly blog updates for the week of June 24th.  I have been very busy writing but sadly none of it is quite ready to be posted publicly yet.  Some of this work pertains to my upcoming novel The Damnation of Memory, which I have just secured really tremendous cover art for by a well-known Chicago artist whose name I will be shamelessly dropping at every opportunity once the cover design is finished and ready to debut.  Other projects include an essay about the impetus behind the novel and my adventures with grappling with the underlying themes of it.  Also a lengthy literary analysis of Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash that I wrote as part of my application to Northwestern University's Creative Writing MFA program and will be posted here as soon as I get the results of my application in a month or two.  Finally, I have the conclusion of the Man Cave series on deck, and it awaits some photo goodness from the solution my wife and I came to.  Since this work is still in progress, however, this will have to wait a bit.

So here I am, in limbo, with all this rich creative stuff happening and nothing to share with you, right?  How lame, Mark.

Well, I do have two things to share with you, and those things are Ben Tanzer's short story "More Than Anything" and Jason Fisk's short story "Do Not Recuscitate", both available online for your reading pleasure.  Some pretty introspective stuff, alternately cerebral and almost lyrical at times, both of these stories are very much worth your time. 

More soon.

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